At Stonebridge Pediatrics, we want you to feel safe and comfortable when you come to our office. We follow and in most cases exceed current CDC guidelines for infection control. New recommendations are implemented as they become available.

Here’s a snapshot of what our office is doing:

  • Pre- Screening protocol- Before entering our office, all patients and accompanying persons are screened via a standardized questionnaire for any potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Waiting roomWe have closed down our usual waiting room. We are asking that parents call our office upon arrival for an appointment. Due to the rule passed by the Texas Medical Board, all healthcare providers, patients and accompanying visitors older than 2 years of age, both well and sick, must wear a mask. Only 1 caregiver is allowed during the appointment.
  • Cleaning protocol- We currently use one side of the office for sick patients, and one side of the office for well visits. We have a thorough, systematic cleaning protocol that we use for all rooms between patients. All employees have been trained on this protocol to ensure consistent sanitizing of each room.

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